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Lord Jagannatha of Villa Vrindavana


Stories and pastimes of Lord Jagannatha on the ocassion of the 30th anniversary of His installation at Villa Vrindavana, Italy.

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This book is a result of a long inner journey of Andrea Orlo (Acarya Prema Das). Way back in 1981 he left the shelter of his hometown in the province of Naples, being directed to Florence, particularly Villa Vrindavana. He said to his parents: “I’ll be back in 15 days. Don’t worry about me, God will protect me.” 15 days went by and he wrote to his parents again, that he is fine and he will stay a bit longer. A year went by through letter and phonecalls and during this unforgettable year, he started his adventure with Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra, an adventure which lasts to this very day.

In the pages of this book, you will find a series of adventures, situations and events which led to the installation of the Lord of the Universe in Italy. The author shares his personal stories connected to his personal exprerience of the service offered to Sri Jagannatha, through episodes which have profoundly marked the past thirty years of his life.

LImited edition, printed on the occassion of the 30th anniversary of His installation at Villa Vrindavana.

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