Lord Caitanya


Lord Chaitanya: Complete biography of Sri Chaitanya based on Chaitanya-charitamrita, Chaitanya-bhagavata and Other Authentic Works.

Sri Chaitanya is the brightest of the luminaries that appeared from time to time on the spiritual firmament of the world. The intensity of his spiritual fervour, and the power he wielded of imparting divine love to turn the hardest of sinners into saints and make the fiercest of animals, like lions and bears, dance with the deer and does in Sankirtan, are unparalleled in history.

No wonder, because Sri Chaitanya was not an ordinary saint, but Sri Krishna Himself, Who came down on earth as a devotee with the twofold purpose of Himself tasting the bliss of devotion and showing the path of devotion to the fallen souls for their deliverance by His precepts as well as example.

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Born in 1909, Dr. O.B.L. Kapoor had strong learnings towards the Advaitic Philosophy of Sankara. In August 1931, when he was working as a research scholar in the University of Allahabad, he met his guru Sri Srimad Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Prabhupada, who pulled him out of his Advaitic moorings and initiated him into Bhakti.

On his advice and under his close supervision he wrote a thesis on the Philosophy of Sri Caitanya. The thesis was approved by the Allahabad University for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Dr. Kapoor has the unique distinction of being the first Doctor of Philosophy of his prestigious University.

He worked as Research Fellow at the Indian Institute of Philosophy, D.Litt. Scholar, University of Allahabad, and Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy, B.R. College, Agra till 1951, after which he joined U.P. Educational Service Class I and worked as Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy at the K.N.Govt. College, Gyanpur (Varanasi) and Principal, Govt. College, Gyanpur/Rampur till his retirement in 1967. Since 1967 he has been living in Vrndavana and writing books and articles in Hindi and English on topics relating to Bhakti. He has written more than 30 books and a large number of articles, published in different journals. His writings have been widely appreciated.



1.Why did Sri Krishna Appear as Sri Krishna Chaitanya?1
2.Materials for the Biography of Sri Chaitanya18
3.The Advent33
4.The Child43
5.The Mischievous School-Boy66
6.The Pandit84
7.Crusade Against the Vaishnavas137
8.The Pandit Turns Vaishnava150
9.The Lord’s Self-Manifestation172
10.Meeting Nityanand189
11.Advaitacharya’s Realization of Mahaprabhu’s Divinity and other Episodes206
12.Sankirtan at the House of Srivas224
13.The Grand Manifestation of Divinity233
14.Deliverance of Jagai-Madhai252
15.Mahaprabhu’s Dance as Lakshmi and Other Episodes270
16.Deliverance of the Kaji306
18.On Way to Nilachal371
19.Darshan of Jagannath402
20.Travels in the South413
21.Back to Nilachal: Arrival of the Devotees from Gaud451
22.The Ceremonies of Lord Jagannath474
23.Visit to Gaud516
24.Journey to Vrindavan531
25.Return Journey to Nilachal552
26.Return to Nilachal589
27.Rupa-Sanathan in Nilachal607
28.Raghunath in Nilachal624
29.Jagadanand’s Love Wrangles with Mahaprabhu640
30.The Passing Away of Haridas and other Episodes652
31.Divine Madness688

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