Living the Wisdom of Bhakti, Volume 1


Life as a Spiritual Practice – Align your Head and your Heart – A Krsna Conscious self-development guide.

We see others doing something we consider wrong, and we want them to change. Yet when we recognize our own shortcomings, we’re often reluctant to make improvements in ourselves.

Living the Wisdom of Bhakti addresses this problem by facilitating honest and insightful introspection. Mahatma Prabhu gently pushes us to take a closer look at where we are and were we are going by asking questions that are sometimes difficult to face but profoundly rewarding to answer.

“This is a real Bhakti spiritual self-help book, something that is greatly needed in the devotee community. I also find it valuable as a practical reference for my own teaching and counselling.”
Guru Prasada Swami

“In Living the Wisdom of Bhakti, Mahatma Prabhu reveals his expertise by addressing our daily challenges through insightful analysis and problem solving strategies that address the core of our problems.”
Gunagrahi Dasa Goswami

“Mahatma Prabhu shows us how to align our lives with what we believe. You’ll find this book a unique adventure into the core of your heart. Be ready to be changed in a profound and powerful way.”
Mahadevi Dasi

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