Lila by Radha London Isvara das


This is a sequel album of Radha London Isvara Prabhu. His first debut Mandali made a stunning success in the world of kirtan. This second album is no less charismatic. Surely it will make you sing from your heart.

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Kirtan is like a river. Which flows from its source, in the heart. Winding its way here and there, through the air, into the ears, through the mind, into the soul. And we drift, floating, on this kirtan, as it gushes forward, dancing splashing and bubbling across the rocks of the vast snow capped mountains. And then, smooth like glass, but swift, expansive, and deep, flowing across the plains. If we dive deep into this river of kirtan, it purifies. It calms and cleanses the mind. The waves on the surface are left far behind.

Just as the Ganges purifies , Just as the Yamuna purifies, So too the river of kirtan purifies.

2CDs, each with live recordings of kirtans from different festivals at Radha Krishna temple in the heart of London.

CD 1 : Lila –

  1. Ganga (Mayapur) …. (35:31) – Recorded live on Gaura Purnima Festival evening 2012
  2. Yamuna…. (41:11) – Recorded live on Nityanananda Trayodashi festival evening 2012

CD 2: Yamunakarsana Lila

  1. Nama means Dhama…. (1:14)
  2. Adi Lila…. (23:26)
  3. Madhya lila …. (16:28)
  4. Antya Lila….(14:07)

Recorded live on Balaram Jayanti festival evening 2012

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