Life of Tukaram


The life of Tukaram, as portrayed by Mahipati, in the Bhaktalilamrita, is full of human interest, full of food for the moralist, full of suggestions for the idealist, and to everyone an inspiration to a better and nobler life. Mahipati drew abundantly from the Abhangs of Tukaram and blew life into the saint’s character and convictions. Tukaram was no learned man. His teacher was no other than the Lord within. God was his centre, his all in all. His poetic inspiration came unexpectedly to him. He thought and spoke only in Abhangs. His words flowed out of a heart full of overflowing love of God and good will to men. Justin E. Abbott’s rendering is very inspiring and clear and gives fillip to the earnest and serious reader following the path of devotion to emulate Tukaram’s sincere and simple style of life. Mahipati covers all the events in sixteen chapters of his Bhaktalilamrita.

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