Lakshmi Narayana Deity (Handcrafted)


Small sized, handcrafted Deity made of Copper (3.5cm).They have been made in South India. This is lord Narayana with Lakshmi Devi, sitting on his lap.

Lord Narayana (Vishnu) is the Lord of Vaikuntha. Lakshmi Devi is his consort and belongs to his Hladini Sakti (his pleasure giving potency). Narayana can be translated as The One who rests on Water. The waters are called narah, [for] the waters are, indeed, produced by Nara [the first Being]; as they were his first residence [ayana], he is called Narayana. In Sanskrit, “Nara” can also refer to all human beings or living entities. Therefore, another meaning of Narayana is Resting place for all living entities.

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