Krishna Smarana


Subtitle: Devotee’s Creative Monologues Elaborating Krishna’s Pastimes

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Inspiring monologues, dialogues and reflections on Lord Krishna’s pastimes written by various devotees.

The idea for this collection came during the 2010 Vaisnava summer retreat in Croatia and Serbia, when Krsna Ksetra Prabhu conducted a seminar in which he focused on a few selected pastimes of Krishna outside Vrindavan, as described in Srimad Bhagavatam. It has long been his interest to explore how creativity might be encouraged and practiced among Vaisnavas, recognizing that we all have an expressive propensity that is the source of great energy, enthusiasm and spiritual insight. So for these two occasions, he urged devotees to do some “homework” by making some short writing exercises, in which they were to identify one or another associate of Krishna from whom we do not hear directly in the Bhagavatam’s pages, and then “give voice” to that personality.

This small book is a collection of these essays. Though we are so distant from the pure vision of Krishna and His lila, it is encouraging to make little, if halting, steps toward such vision through proper ninefold practice of bhakti. In this context, these writings contained here are specifically an expression of kirtanam – glorification, as well as of vandanam – offering prayers. Further, they may be used in our practice of arcanam – worship, in the form of manasa-puja – worhip in the mind.

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