Krishna Cinema: set of 24 films

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A set of 24 of our best Vaisnava dramas on a usb port. This is approximately 50 hours of transcendental entertainment. The unique collection makes a wonderful and transcendental gift for any occasion.


The set includes the following DVDs:

D1 This is Life;

D2 Mahabharata;

D3 Malik;

D4 Hari Dharsan;

D5 Sita’s Wedding;

D6 Tulsi das;

D7 The Adventures of Rama;

D9 Gopal Krishna;

D10 Nimai of Nadia;

D11 Nilachala Mahaprabhu;

D12 Dhruva;

D13 Lord Ganesh and the Shamantaka Jewel;

D14 Ramayan;

D15 Tulasi Vivaha;

D16 Madhavacarya;

D17 Saint Tukaram;

D19 Meera;

D20 Lava & Kusa;

D22 Harischandra;

D24 Ramanujacarya;

D26 Bhajarangabali;

D27 Maya Bazar;

D29 Sri Venkateswara Mahatmya;

D32 Saint Dhyaneswar (Jnyaneshwar).

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