Japa Transformations


Yet another book to help us all to concentrate while chanting the holy names of God.

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Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami’s new Japa book presents the best of his recent Maha Mantra meditations from his sacred cyberspace. Following Srila Prabhupada and other Gaudiya masters, the writer-captain takes his readers-mates progressively deeper into the ocean of Hare Krsna meditation.

Foreward by:    Dr.Kenneth R. Valpey (Krishna Kshetra Das)

Divinity is everywhere, as we hear from the Bhagavad-gita. But only a heart surrendered to sacred sound will see God in the flight of a ball, or hear Him in the wail of a sax, and then let himself be led back to the Names, where the Divinity plays, and to Prabhupada’s sublime prescription for all wandering minds: “just hear.”

In our self-obsessed times, Japa Transformations is a welcome reminder that the best way to find ourselves is to lose ourselves in loving service to the Lord’s holy names. Whether Goswami is writing to chant or chanting to write, his whole life is rapt in sacred sound, as ours could be, and more than ever, his words are helpful and endearing.

“The end of my book will have to be discovered at the end of my life,” Goswami concludes. Like a spiritual retreat that comes home with us, Japa Transformations is a valuable companion to help us surrender our life’s
breath to calling God’s hallowed names, and to enter His eternal loving service at last.
From the Introduction by R. L. Hall (BA, BhSh) (Suresvara Das)

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