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From the renowed Ramanand Sagar production, here comes the story of Laksmi, the consort of Visnu.

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Jai Maha Laxmi presented Tirupati, Balaji and Padmavati for the first time on the small screen. It created a mass frenzy all over India, particularly in southern region where Tirupati Balaji is the most worshipped and revered deity.

“JAI MAHA LAXMI “began the chapters of Tirupati Balaji from its genesis. Bhrigu Rishi is assigned the task of finding who is the supreme, having all the three virtues (Trigun) among the Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh).

After a lot of search and disappointments, Bhrigu Rishi is convinced that Vishnu is the Supreme and is touched by the Lord’s concern even after insulting him by a purposely designed kick in the Lord’s chest. Laxmi asks the Lord to punish the Sage. “I cannot harm one who is my guest.” Said the Lord. Considering this an affront to Her dignity, Laxmi disappears from Ksheer Sagar and descends on today’s Kolhapur as Karveer Maa Laxmi.

Later, Laxmi is pleaded and She reappears as Padmavati and joins Her husband, who are worshipped and revered as Tirupati Balaji over the years to present.

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