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Hanuman has and always will have a unique position in the heart of story lovers and everyone else. When we speak of Hanuman, it unveils or more precisely floods the heart with happiness, excitement, and a feeling of taking part in a great adventure.Hanuman is not only meant for entertaining the story lovers, but he is a personification of every quality one is looking for being successful in life. He is a role model for being a great communicator, as he did when he went as messenger on behalf of Sugriva, and later giving message to mother Sita and warning Ravana.

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Hanuman is not only a great communicator, he is also an executor of orders from the superiors, not only the textual, but situational, that is the style of one who is 1st class, for example when he was sent by Rama to give a message to Sita, certainly Hanuman did that, but he also wanted to estimate the power of the army of Ravana, and wanted to give Ravana some glimpse of Rama’s power by burning the great golden city.

In this compilation we can learn so many qualities of Hanuman in a very entertaining way. This book addresses the need of all classes of people; it is an absorbing entertainment for a child, a book to educate children for parents, a life-style management for the youth, a motivational guide for those in the competitive world, a meditation for those who worship Hanuman and a treasure for those who love him.

In conclusion, this is a book which will guarantee wholesome satisfaction to every member of the family.

Delve into the stories of Hanuman and learn from your favorite hero!

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