ISKCON Communications Journal – Vol. 12 – 2021


You will find the following articles in this issue:

  • Vaisnava-Christian Dialogue: A Model of Respect, Cooperation, and Learning (Anuttama Dasa)
  • The Vaisnava-Christian Dialogue: The Power of a Conversation (Gerald T. Carney)
  • Why Consciousness is a Big Deal for Science (Akhandadhi Dasa)
  • Keeping Cows in the Center: Cow Care in ISKCON (Kenneth R. Valpey)
  • Trees in Trouble, Humans in Need: Competing Environmental Priorities in the Bhagavata Purana (Ravi M. Gupta)
  • ISKCON and Ethics: The Benefits of Paying Explicit Attention to Moral Philosophy (Rasamandala Dasa)
  • ISKCON and the Gaudiya Maths: Conflicts, Schisms, Growth, and Aspirations (Ferdinando Sardella)
  • Book Review: British Idealism and the Concept of the Self , W.J. Mander and Stamatoula Panagakou (eds. Tattvavit Dasa)
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The new issue of ISKCON Communications Journal (ICJ) has been published, after a fifteen-year gap, under the guidance of Mahaprabhu Dasa, Director of ISKCON Communications Europe. The Journal is edited by Tattvavit Dasa and Rupa Sanatana Dasa.

ICJ was known for addressing many important topics and issues, including challenges and crises that ISKCON faced. Articles were written by scholars from both within and outside of ISKCON.

The ISKCON Communications Journal was first published (biannually and then annually) from 1993 to 2005 under the direction of Shaunaka Rishi Das, who later went on to serve as executive director of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

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