Introductory Course Student Handbook

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A set of three books: Theology & Philosophy, Vaisnava Culture and Devotional Practice. It is a very good source material for new devotees about the basic principals of the Bhakti cult.

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Theology & Philosophy – This coursebook is divided into twelve sections: Sambandha, Abhideya, Prayojana; Sanatana Dharma; Brahman, Paramatma, Bhagavan; Rasas; Avataras; The Creation; Reincarnation, etc.

Devotional practice – This coursebook is divided into eight sections: Devotional Service; Sadhana; Regulative Principles; Hearing and Chanting; Japa; Deity Worship; Festivals; Prasadam; Preaching; etc.

Vaisnav Culture – This coursebook is divided into three sections: Vaisnava Culture, Vaisnava Behaviour, Vaisnava Saints.

Course Design by Ramesvara Dasa; Layout and Design by Bhaktavatsala Dasa. A very condensed presentation of the material in the Vaisnava Syllabus. (

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