Introduction to the Unified Field via Sankhya Yoga


Introduction to the Unified Field via Sankhya Yoga

by Isana Gaura das

The first in series of few volumes into the field of Sankhya yoga.

Written in a light language, this book could be wonderful companion for inquisitive advancing devotee, providing many important answers and insights, explanations in a progressing form. One might find something interesting to read the sketches regarding different schools of thought and spiritual practices. This introduction book has it’s scientific charm and shall absorb your mind in its transcendental mood.


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The great eastern saint Srila Prabhupada repeatedly emphasized that modern science is wholly wrong regarding the nature of reality. Indeed, if one raises the idea of finding a formula for the unified field to many today’s learned scholars, undoubtedly nearly all of them would not even consider placing God within their equations. However upon inspection we find that there is no priori reason why a formula for the unified field must come from the science of quantum physics, or why such a formula should not include a supreme creator.

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