Idol Worship Or Ideal Worship ?


Phrased in an engaging question-answer format spiced with everyday examples, Idol Worship or Ideal Worship illuminates a wide variety of historical, social, cultural and scriptural issues surrounding the traditional Indian practice if Deity worship.


Some of the questions answered in this book are:

• Does a form not limit God?

• Why is an image made of stone considered to be God?

• If the Deity is God, then why can’t the Deity blow away a fly on his face?

• Is Deity worship meant for less intelligent people?

• When we place food on front of the Deity, does anything really happen to the food?

• Why do we move various items in circles around the Deity during artis?

• Is Deity worship of any practical use in our modern times?

The book will offer:

• Deeper insights into the meaning and necessity of Deity worship to those already practicing it.

• Systematic logical, philosophical and scriptural answers to those having questions about Deity worship.

• Refreshingly new perspectives to those equating Deity worship with idolatry.

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