How a Cruel Hunter became a Saint


Lord Chaitanya, the Golden Avatar who appeared 500 years ago in India, told this ancient story to one of his foremost disciples, Sanatan Goswami in Varanasi. It is a simple but powerful story about a very sinful hunter who found redemption through the association of a saint. The ABCs of spirit, reincarnation, and karma are illustrated herein, as well as the path to save one’s real self (the spirit soul) from the reactions of countless sins and to become truly happy.


The story you are about to read has many lessons in it. Mrigari was a cruel hunter because he took an unfortunate birth in a family where his father taught him at an early age how to hurt an kill animals. Why is that one person is born into a wealthy family and another in a ghetto in an overcrowded city? Why are some persons born beautiful, and others not, or that some have more intelligence than others? What determines our birth?

According to the 5,000 years old vedas and Bhagavad-gita, this is not our first life. Somethings had gone before. In fact, as eternal souls we have all experienced many lives, but the trauma of death and rebirth has erased our memory of them.

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