Homeschooling Krishna’s Children


Many devotee parents are finding that traditional schools do not offer a spiritually nourishing environment for their children, and an increasig number are choosing to homeschool. This guide help you instillin your children strong Krishna conscious values while giving them a solid academic education.

Learn how to:

– Help your children develop character and devotion

– Create a curriculum based on Srimad-Bhagavatam

– Make life your children’s classroom

– Start a homeschooling co-op in your community

– Navigate the college admissions process


Prabhupada said there are two things that are great blessings for anyone. To have the guidance of a spiritual master and to be born in a family of devotees . Great spiritual stalwarts such as Pariksit Maharaj, Yuddhisthira Maharaj, Mirabai and Uddhava and our own Srila Prabhupada had the great fortune to be born in a family of devotees and thereby receive good training from their early childhood.

Home schooling should be a part of a Krishna conscious lifestyle, not that Krishna consciousness is one aspect of home schooling. A Krishna conscious lifestyle should be the focus of homeschooling. We should be inspired to raise our children as good devotees instead of focusing only on their scholarly achievements. Srila Prabhupada’s books are of a very high caliber, and so if we base our curriculum on his books, academic achievement will naturally follow.

Aruddha devi dasi ([email protected]) and her husband Anantarupa dasa are both disciples of H.H. Gopal Krishna Goswami. They began practicing Krishna consciousness in Chicago in the early 1980’s, and started the ISKCON Temple in Boise, USA, in 1986 as a small weekly program in their home. Now twenty years later there is a beautiful mid-size Vedic temple for Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Bankebihari. Aruddha and Anantarupa home-schooled their children and ran the Govinda’s restaurant in Boise for 6 years. Her older son, Radhika Raman Das (Dr. Ravi Gupta), holds a Ph.D in Hinduism from Oxford University in England. He entered Boise State University at the age of 13, where he completed dual B.A. degrees in Philosophy and Mathematics with highest honors. He also wrote the “India’s Heritage” column for Back to Godhead for several years. He is now Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the College of William and Mary, and his first book, The Caitanya Vaishnava Vedanta of Jiva Goswami, has been published by Routledge, a reputable academic press. Gopal Hari Das (Gopal Gupta) has finished his Ph.D in Science and Religion at Oxford University in 2011. He entered Boise State University at the age of 12 where he completed a bachelors and masters degree in Electrical Engineering with highest honors. Currently, Aruddha is traveling to various temples in North America and doing weekend seminars on homeschooling. She also runs a Yahoo group on the Internet for devotee parents interested in homeschooling their children

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