by Dr. Sujithra Ram Manohar

Humanity suffers from a vast expanse of disease-some familiar and some that are yet to be named. Every now and then we hear an outbreak of a new disease and the incurring death toll causing panic among the people. This on one side, there are numerous diseases that were prevalent since times immemorial like fever, bleeding disorders, diabetes, skin and liver diseases, etc. Hemorrhoids is one such disease that has maintained a stable position in the society affecting a major population, be it in the ancient era or modern era. Recent statistics show over 23 million people reported incidents of hemorrhoids in the past year. The importance given to this disease n Ayurveda is very significant from the fact that the classical texts the causative factors, the parthenogenesis, the classifications, the medications and the treatment strategy in a very elaborate way. As far as Astanga Hrdaya is considered, Jvara (Fever) and Arshas (hemorrhoids) are the topics dealt with very elaborately, even the subtle details carefully and beautifully pointed out.

Hence this book which is unique if its kind is sure to be useful for students, aspiring practitioners and subject experts.

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