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Vaishnava Aparadha & the Path of Spiritual Caution. Example stories about Ambarish Maharaja, Namacarya Haridasa Thakura, Mahadeva Shiva, Sri Narada Muni, Sri Garuda, Srivas Pundit, Advaita Avatar, and others. A deluxe publication on fine art paper.

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Offenses committed at the lotus feet of Vaishnavas, the Devotees, distance one from devotional service to the Supreme Lord. But in a higher sense it means to be removed from the service of Sri Radha. All divine service to Krishna is being conducted under her direction. To offend her servitors is to make one unfit for her divine service. The whole aim of Krishna consciousness is radha-dasyam, the divine service of Sri Radha, and offenses at the lotus feet of Vaishnavas make one unfit for such service.

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