Healing with herbs. Ancient ayurvedic wisdom for health and longevity.


…that foods are actually doorways to various states of consciousness. Change the foods you eat and you will change the doorways and the experiences you have in life.

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Be a wizard at using herbs to transform your life

Did you know your kitchen can be a storehouse of magical remedies and potions? All you will need are a handful of herbs and they will revamp your everyday foods into powerful healers and elixirs! With plenty of color photographs and clear explanations, you will:
• Learn about the medicinal values of herbs and plants and how to use them in your daily cooking
• Access more than 100 ancient recipes from southern India for ready preparation at your next family meal or forthcoming dinner party
• Know the most essential herbal tool kits that can be stocked in your kitchen and that are easily available
• Explore the secrets of yoga that are rarely taught in modern classes
• Discover the right food combination knowing which specific foods work best with specific herbs
• Understand how to lose weight and bring out your aura with certain natural sugars and fats that are actually good for you
• Spot those tropical fruits that are so healthy, they may even cure cancer
• Achieve beautiful skin and hair with easy combinations of herbs and oils made in your own kitchen
• Increase your sensitivity and intuition through proper diet and cleansing

Also find out how to:
• Improve your memory power through seldom taught daily yoga exercises
• Subtly affect your state of mind with the secret geometry of kolam art
Let Uma turn you into a magician in the kitchen by helping you create your own herbal concoctions.

Uma Swaminathan holds a degree in cultural anthropology from Rutgers University, USA. She learned about gardening and herbs from her biologist and scientist father and mouth-watering, holistic recipes from her mother and forebears. A classical dancer and a prolific painter, Uma also has a private pilot’s license under her wings.
In Colour.

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