Harmonium BINA No.23B Portable


For the pleasure of the Vaisnavas….

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BINA No. 23B DELUXE HARMONIUM , Portable,  3½ OCTAVES, A440, 9 stops, 42 keys, dark color, sometimes with coupler, sometimes without it.

Made by BINA, Delhi’s premium harmonium maker. Professional quality harmonium,  A440 pitch – checked at dispatch, set of 2 BINA special reeds: 1 male + 1 base = rich sound,  organ tuned, multifold bellows for easy pumping and consistent sustain, bright nickeled brass knobs.

Made with dried indian pine wood – thoroughly tested before shipping: sound, keys, tuning, sustain, finish etc.. Padded bag is included in the price.

Measure (folded): height 20 cm, width 51 cm, depth 37 cm,  Measure (unfolded): height 30 cm, width 51 cm, depth 37 cm,

weight: approx 11kg

Each instrument is individually hand-crafted and might differ from our description. It also may have a different color of the cover wood

BINA was founded by Gian Singh in Delhi in 1935 and is one of the most renowned harmonium makers worldwide nowadays. The son of Gian Singh, Avtar Singh, and his two sons J.P.Singh and Daljit Singh are running the business today. Bina has a big workshop in Old Delhi and is running several retail stores under their name. Bina is able to make high quality instruments, but is also committed to large scale production of simple instruments. We cooperate with Bina since 2010 and import their harmoniums since then.

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