Harivamsa Purana Vol.10


Harivamsa Purana and Mahabharata are complementary to each other. Harivamsa especially describes the pastimes of the Supreme Lord that took place after the battle at Kuruksetra, including His pastimes of disappearance. Harivamsa is considered a supplement of Mahabharata. Harivamsa consists of about sixteen thousand verses, it was first recited by the great sage, Vaisampayana, to King Janamejaya. In that assembly, Ugrasrava or Sauti was also present. Later on, by the request of the sages at Naimisaranya, headed by Saunaka, Sauti again recited the Harivamsa Purana. This is part eight in the serie. Translation / editing by Bhumipati / Purnaprajna


This completion volume to Harivamsa Purana, volume 10, contains the last chapters of Sri Bhavisya-parva, which starts in volume 7. This volume also contains, the Harivamsa-mahatmya, the Santanagopalastotram, and Sri Visnu-sata-nama-stotram. In this volume the story of Hamsa and Dimbhaka is described along with the killing of the demons Vichakra and Hidimba. The Sri Visnu-sata-nama-stotram contained in this volume is 15 verses containing 100 names of Vishnu.

The Harivamsa Purana is divided into three sections: Harivamsa-parva, Vishnu-parva, and Bhavishya-parva. The first section, the Harivamsa-parva, appears in volumes 1 and 2 of this multi-volume set. The second section, the Vishnu-parva, appears in volumes 3 through 6 and the first half of volume 7. The final section, the Bhavishya-parva, appears in the second half of volume 7, and volumes 8-10. This translation contains the Romanized Sanskrit verses and English translations.

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