Hanuman Chalisa


The Hanuman Chalisa is a rich repertoire of the incredible deeds and acts of valour by Lord Hanuman. This enriching edition brings to you the same holy text only manifold more immersive as each word of the dohas comes alive, explained as it is by way of the stories from Valimiki’s Ramayana, Tulsidas’s Ramacharitramaanas, and the folklore of India.

Jai Hanuman gyan guna sagar
Jai Kapish tihu loka ujagar
Notice that Hanuman is being called Kapish…the king of monkeys…Hanuman did not rule any kingdom, then why Kapish?
Because though he did not rule any kingdom, he ruled over hearts!
Vali and Sugriva only sat on the throne, but Hanuman sat in every heart. Not only did he rule over the hearts of every citizen of Kishkinda, he also ruled over the hearts of Sita and Rama. He continues to rule over the hearts of unlimited beings even today. Thus he is rightly addressed as Kapish or king of Vanaras.

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