Guru & Disciple – Awakening Spiritual Vision


We are always searching for the perfect relationship and have therefore created deep bonds with people and possessions in the material world, believing that these will bring us happiness. However, these bonds will eventually result in suffering. Real relationships are eternal, and will bring eternal happiness. Those who truly care about us desire our ultimate fulfillment in genuine relationships and protect us from the superficial ‘happiness’ that we may derive from temporary relationships.

The guru who connects us to the Supreme Absolute Truth is our greatest benefactor since his only desire is to see us properly situated in our true identity, as the servant of the Lord and His devotees. In this connection, our innumerable masks fall away, and our authentic joyful self emerges to the fore. So not only does the guru reveal to us who we truly are, but remains eternally with us throughout our journey in the material world and beyond.

This journey with the spiritual master is spiritually enlivening and transformational for the faithful disciple. By following his instructions, the disciple’s spiritual vision is awakened and a world of possibilities that he had never previously envisioned, opens up before him.

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