Govardhana Journal


This book is a self-reflective account of Yadunandana Swami, written during his one-month stay in the sacred place of Govardhana, Vrindavana, from mid-November to mid-December 2013.

It is a tri-lingual edition, written in english and translated into Spanish and Portuguese.


How transforming can be a spiritual retreat? I the pages of this journal, follow the daily routine of Yadunandana Swami at a retreat in the most sacred places of pilgrimage: Govardhana Hill. Join his studies, make friends with his friends, and learn more about the mysteries of the bhakti-yoga path.

Though being a sannyasi monk, he lives an active¬†life in different educational and missionary projects that require hard work. Consequently, he sometimes faces the challenge of living an introspective life of inner cultivation while simultaneously remaining very active in the world. In order to balance his long-term engagement in practical matters with his inner call, he felt the need to spend quality time in Sri Krishna’s land in an environment where he could exclusively focus on prayer, contemplatio, spiritual study and association of advanced devotees.

In addition, he kept a diary, which he could publish for the benefit of others , as well as for his own edification.


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