Gopal – Protector of the Cows


All glories to Krsna, the son of Mother Yasoda, the cowherd boy Gopal, Govinda who gives pleasure to the cows! All glories to the conquerer of Cupid, Lord Hari, who takes away all inauspiciousness, who is unlimited, and the awarder of liberation!

I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, the first progenitor who is tending the cows, yielding all desire, in abodes built with spiritual gems, surrounded by millions of purpose trees, always served with great reverence and affection by hundreds of thousands of Laksmis or gopis.


Beautiful very tiny miniature book of nice quotes of selected verses glorifying the cows in Vrindavan, followed by “The glories of Go Seva” with quotes from Gopala-tapani Upanisad, Visnu Purana, Srimad-Bhagavatam, Gautaminya Tantra, Sri Bhaktyaloka, Brahma-samhita, Padma Purana, and more.

A nice little item, just perfect to give to someone as a gift.

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