Glories of Thy Wondrous Name


Since time immemorial, in every continent and in every major organized and pagan religion, followers have used a string of beads to chant repetitive, uplifting sonic phrases to help create a sense of calm and purpose in life. Most common among these phrases are the ones that refer to names of God and chanting of these names is probably the single most important religious practice that cuts across all religion, culture and civilization lines.

Names of God, known as Holy Names, is a form of addressing God present in liturgy or prayer of various world religions. This has been established as most common spiritual practice in Western and Eastern spiritual practices. A number of traditions have lists of many names of God which enumerate His various qualities. The Qur’an contains the Ninety-nine Names of Allah. Judaism refers to 72 Divine Names and Mahabharata text contains a thousand names of Vishnu.

There are scriptural references for that in all religions because every genuine religious tradition in the world teaches that God’s names are holy and meant to be glorified.

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