Gita3: Wisdom that Breathes


Gita3 takes you on a scenic journey through the spiritual landscape of the Bhagavad-Gita… three times! Prepare yourself for powerful philosophy and insightful psychology, made practical through over 50 thought experiments and life hacks. The insights are concise, logical and scientific – not just appealing to a particular faith, culture or belief. Ancient wisdom, ever relevant.

This is wisdom that breathes.

Features 50 thought, experiments, life hacks & mind exercises.


If someone tell the lie long enough and loud enough, others begin to accept it as truth. When enough people are convinced by that ‘truth’ it becomes a culture. If that culture is somehow transmitted to the next generation, it becomes a tradition. Such traditions, and the worldviews and behaviours they espouse, become etched into society, followed by millions, usually without question. Our weapons of mass instruction – educational systems, media powerhouses and community structures – reinforce these traditions, causing untrust to perpetuate over decades and centuries. Blind leading the blind, all completely oblivious to the illusion……are you hooked now?

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