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Fundamentals of an ecologically sustainable gastronomy.

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This new cooking book is not just a collection of recipes. In one sense it has nothing new to teach you. Rather, it represents a returning to ancient lore, to the wisdom of the elders, to a life closer to nature, and to simpler practices.

Cooking doesn’t start in the kitchen but in the garden. You can cultivate your own land: a kitchen garden with the floorspace of 100m2 is enough to give vegetables for a family of four members throughout the whole year. Even a tiny garden can show you how great it is to go out to your vegetable garden, look around and decide what lunch will be that day. Cooking and tasting the vegetables produced at home is an exceptional feeling. After all, you know what is in your meal and you can feel natural energy from it. It’s unnecessary to tell you that the best vegetable is what you pick fresh from your own garden. Its taste is different from vegetables bought in shops and supermarkets, so the meal you prepare from it will be different too.

Using natural ingredients is becoming an increasingly important part of gastronomy. Gardening means not only
a living but also a conscious pursuit that creates a harmonic link between you and your environment

This cookbook

-guides you how you can have a 5mx5m organic garden. Gives you gardening tips too.

-divides the recipes into seasons so you can cook according what is fresh on the market

-it includes not just Indian recipes, but western types and even some Hungarian ones

-includes rich “Good to know” cooking secrets

…and much more

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