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Selected Essays 1996-2004

The essays in this volume serve to explore the Vaisnava tradition or specific concerns withn the Vaisnava tradition fromabroader public intellectual context. Five such essays are focused on Christianity, other essays are direct discussions as represented in authors spiritual home, the International Society for Krishna Cosnsciosness.

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Arcana as Yoga in the Gaudiya Vaisnava Tradition

Canons in Conflict: Unzipping Brahmasutras II.ii.42-45

Animals Rights and Ahimsa: An Ancient Discourse on Humans, Animals, and the Earth

The Man is the Message: Civil Religion in Gandhi

East Meets West in ISKCON: Changes in the Los Angeles Krishna Temple

A Tremendous Connection: Reflections on Tamal Krishna Goswami’s Final Visit to Bhaktivedanta Manor

The Hare Krishna Movement: Entry for the Concise Encyclopedia of Language and Religion

Evolution and Creation: A Vedic Perspective (From Conflict to Dialogue)

The Song of God as Journey of Discipleship: Bhagavad-gita and Christian Perspectives

Expanding the Capacity to Hear: Reading a Devotional Text “Outside” the Vaishnava Tradition

Finding Common Ground: Perspectives on the Abortion Issue & Problems in Public Debate

“This Is My Body”: Aquinas and Schillebeeckx on the Eucharist

Experiments in Christian Vedanta: Bede Griffiths in Search of Spiritual Renewal

Bridging the Gulf between Prophethood and Kingship: Some Aspects of Akbar’s Experiments with Interfaith Dialogue

Bringing God Down to Earth: Modernity and the Search for Integrity

Forward is written by Sacinandana Swami

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