Forbidden Nectar


Sweet Spanish-style bhajans. Atmarama performs with the devotees of Beijing, China, for a joyful collection of classic devotional songs recorded live in China.

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This album fills a need in a land where to express devotion for God is forbidden. Sung with the utmost sincerity and spiritual determination by those whose bhakti cannot be repressed; their voices express the full joy of Krishna Consciousness, demonstrating how the soul can be above external circumstance. These faithful devotees, heard by the world for the first time, transcend all odds to make this offering to the Lord. A sweet and simple work, yet profound in the significance of its publication.

Atmarama writes: When we were in Beijing, China in October 2004 I understood the need of the Chinese devotees to have these songs as a part of their life, being that there is no temple and they donメt have the opportunity to have a regular program. I made the proposal to make a recording of the songs sung daily in the temple in such a way that every devotee could have the chance to sing along at home. Just like touchstone, the next day we had a studio given to us by devotion to make the recording. We were twelve devotees and with spontaneous love and determination we recorded the whole album in a single day.

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