Food for the Soul: Diet of a Yogi


A must have book for every yoga practitioner and every health conscious soul. We can fast, exercise, practice yoga but can maintain the good results only when followed by a proper diet. Food For The Soul contains delicious recipes for fasting, detox and a regular diet. A culmination of 15 years of research this book will heal your body, touch the hearts and stir the soul.



Food is gift of mother nature. This gift is the most sacred and when this gift is carefully received it can fill our hearts with love and bestow the ultimate happiness. Food For The Soul is a guide to understand the incredible gift of how food can mitigate all pains in the body and mind and lead a healthy life.

Sundari Dasi has combined ancient yogic wisdom of fasting and detoxification and presented it in a modern practical way. Being a certified yoga teacher and a health conscious individual Sundari has drawn on many years experience of cooking for yogis all round the world and their valuable inputs are incorporated in this book.

In this volume Sundari Dasi presents 100 recipes divided into 11 sections where we begin with detox build our diets with smoothies and mouthwatering soups. Strengthen with sprouts, sprout salads, healthy dressing. Prefer baking over frying and finally we enter into some wonder recipes with tasty burgers, Dips and Chutneys, Radiant and fragrant rice dishes and some superfood splatters which the author has developed over the years.

The book also has a 15 day meal plan for fasting, cleansing, detox and gradual build up of diet. Recipes to be used after yogic cleansing are also provided in the After Kriya Khichri section. The greatest challenge today faced by health conscious individuals is to relish life by eating something very tasty and at the same time maintain the benefits of fasting, detox, yoga and exercise over a long period of time by eating healthy. Food For The Soul combines all these aspects and presents wonderful recipes which fulfills all criteria so that we can have relish tasty food and lead a healthy life at the same time.

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