Eternal Dance of Love


Sri Krishna Chaitanya lived on Earth 500 years ago, but he was from beyond this world. He belongs to another plane of reality. Hear his story with open heart and be drawn into His Eternal Dance of Love. Sri Chaitanya taught that the Great Spirit described in the Vedanta is the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna, who possesses all qualities and is the source of all truth. ‘Always think of Krishna and Krishna will manifest in your heart. So you will reach the shore of the ocean of transcendental love.’ That rare person whose life is his message, who wrote no books, organised no mission, had few direct disciples yet inspired thousands, whose only form of public teaching was to sing the names of God, who withdrew into mystical seclusion yet planted the seeds of a spiritual movement that five hundred years later sends waves around the world… who showed us the power of divine love.

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