Entering the Grihastha Ashrama


The subject matter of preparing to enter the grihastha-ashrama is of such great importance – already here we make so many mistakes! It deserves a whole book of its own – just to discuss the multifaceted aspects of the process for choosing a life partner, and thus draw attention to its importance. This book will surely give new insights and transformational discoveries in how perfect Krishna’s culture is. His sublime recommendations of how to enter married life are meant to save us from so many miseries and disappointments throughout our life! Indeed, people create havoc in their lives and entangle themselves and others close to them in unlimited suffering, pain, distress and hardship – all because they disregard His well-wishing advice.


In these modern days, human society is in a terrible and fallen state, with the family unit largely being dysfunctional and practically non-existent. As a result, children are born into an unstable, disturbed and neglectful family atmosphere, growing up emotionally imbalanced and suffering from serious mental difficulties. People in general have lost the understanding of moral values and proper conduct and are driven by lust, greed and selfishness. The importance of healthy and strong family bonds is no longer emphasized in modern life, since it implies the cultivation of tolerance, humility, respect and a selfless mood of service towards each other.
Unfortunately, no one aspires after these qualities and values in a society where sense gratification is the ultimate goal of life.

Systematic training and education in how to transform our family life into an ashrama, will be an important stepping stone in this direction. And it all begins with the subject matter of how to enter this important ashrama – according to Krishna’s recommendations.

As we may discover when reading this book, it requires a deep paradigm shift; we will have to transform our expectations, approach, outlook, goals and desires when choosing a life partner and entering married life.

Let us endeavour to fulfil Srila Prabhupada’s desire of creating an exemplary ISKCON society – one that will show the world how civilised and cultured human life is meant to be lived, with the ultimate goal of developing pure love for Krishna and going back home, back to Godhead. May this book give some little inspiration to continue in our endeavours to please our beloved Srila Prabhupada and come up to his standards and expectations for us all…!

This book is not only relevant for people who consider entering the grihastha-ashrama. The knowledge and insights offered herein is important for everyone of all ashramas and ages: even for parents, mentors, gurus, sannyasis and brahmacharis – simply for every devotee who desires to not only be concerned about their own spiritual practice, but aspires to cultivate a genuine concern for other devotees’ well-being and thus rise to the madhyama level. Then we can preach, guide and assist others in how to enter the grihastha-ashrama according to Krishna’s divine recommendations.

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