Eighteen Days: Sri Panca Tattva’s Mayapur Lila

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This is a day-to-day chronicle of the installation, in Mayapur, 2004, of the Pancha-tattva Deities (Lord Chaitanya and his four principal associates).

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Coverage of the 2004 installation of Pancha-Tattva deities from the arrival in Mayapur Dham to the end of the event. The first part of the book contains chapters 1-11, which is mainly the text describing the wonderful appearance and installation of these huge Sri Panca-tattva deities illustrated by 16 small sized black and white photos. The second part is starting at chapter 12 with a full colour page selection accompanied by three smaller photos on each accompanied page and illustrated with quotes of Bhakti-ratnakara, Caitanya-caritamrta, Caitanya-Bhagavata, Vidagdha Madhava, and Nityananda-caritamrta. Most of the photos are done by Nitya-tripta dd, Rasarani dd, and Padmanabha Dasa, among others. Printed on thin fine art paper.

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