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MOSA is happy to present this amazing show called Divine Portraiture consisting of 4 artists who in different ways paint Divine images. Three of them come from South India and one even though born in America studied traditional arts in South India at Mahabalipuram. Devas, Deities and Avatars are painted in different ways but always with great Devotion. The approach is traditional yet it shows a very contemporary nature. As if tradition is not only something of the past but very much something of the present. Manivelu, Verma, Reddy and Gorrick are working in different medium and styles yet they all achieve similar results of bringing to life Divine features: faces, bodies, arms, legs, hands etc. They also achieve to bring out devotion in those who observe their works. Their works are perfect for worship and could be placed in altars or important parts of the house. I am sure that both devotees and visitors will cherish the devotional mood that this group of powerful spiritual images create when hanging in the main gallery of MOSA. May they help uplift our consciousness and connect us with the Divine.

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