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A Krishna conscious perspective on the latest of the world’s ills; the environmental crisis. According to Divine Nature, the real cause of the global environmental crisis is an underlying lack of spiritual understanding. The authors systematically demonstrate that most proposed solutions are only palliative and that humankind must undergo a profound change in consciousness to live in an environmentally sound way. This is the US printed Deluxe version.

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Michael Cremo and Mukunda Goswami outline a challenging new vision of humankind and the natural world, revealing how a spiritual approach can save humanity from the environmental catastrophe we have been heading towards. They contend that real solutions to our current environmental problems will be implemented only through a shift in human consciousness and an awakening to the spiritual dimension of this crisis. The authors touch on a wide range of topics, including the earth’s threatened wildlife, shrinking rainforests, eroding soil, proliferation of trash, and toxic waste disposal. The negative environmental impact of meat consumption is also uncovered–deforestation, agricultural inefficiency, and air and water pollution. Its in-depth exploration of history, scientific theory, and the metaphysics of karma offers concerned earth-watchers a spiritual blueprint for creating a better world.

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