Diary of a Travelling Preacher – volume 4


Indradyumna Swami continuing his travels, preaching and adventures to spread Krishna consciousness to every town and village, diary starting of Feb 2002 and following time.

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Accompany Indradyumna Swami, on his continuing mission to spread the mercy of Krsna’s holy names to the far corners of the globe. From ecstatic kirtanas with gypsies in sub-zero Siberia to distributing truckloads of prasadam to impoverished Zulus in South Africa; from the Polish Woodstock – attended by 350,000 people to the sublime atmosphere of Vrndavana.

From the snows of Siberia to the deserts of Kazkhstan, the Polish seaside to the sacred dust of India, accompany Maharaja as he travels throughout the world and draw from him the exstatic inspiration for your personal spiritual growth.

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