Diary of a Traveling Monk, Vol. X


Indradyumna Swami continuing his travels, preaching and adventures to spread Krishna consciousness to every town and village, diary starting from November 2008-October 2009.


Inside you’ll discover: • Akhilananda das recounts for Maharaja the ISKCON Prison Ministry’s many successes with inmates becoming devotees — especially the transformation of the infamous Mr. Weed. • Maharaja discovers more about the history of Vedic culture in Russia — the Swastika City, an ancient Vishnu deity, and the Russian Veda. • Join Maharaja as he preaches in the City of Baku, said to be where Kasyapa Muni had his ashrama on the bank of the Caspian Sea. • Visit an ancient Temple of Agni in Russia, (for centuries, a pilgrimage site of yogis and sadhus) where the worship of Rama, Krishna, and Vishnu was once prominent. • Follow Maharaja on the ‘preaching juggernaut’ Polish Festival Tour with 28 tons of equipment and over 300 devotees from 14 countries as they bring Krishna consciousness to 750,000 people. The devotees distribute over 130,000 plates of prasadam at the Polish Woodstock festival alone. • Hear enlivening stories about conditioned souls — even determined enemies of the devotees — whose hearts were melted and lives changed by the holy names, prasadam, books and devotee association. “Preaching is like drinking hot sugar cane juice. It’s so hot it burns the lips, but so sweet you can’t stop drinking it.” – Indradyumna Swami “Surely these books should be regarded as extremely important, valuable bhakti literatures–from which generation after generation of devotees can derive deep inspiration and wisdom. These are the real life stories of Krishna consciousness in practice. It is comforting to know that the flame of love brought into this world by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu continues to burn brightly in many quarters–especially in the preaching activities of Indradyumna Swami.” — from the Foreword by Her Grace Sitala devi dasi

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