Demystifying Reincarnation


Who are we? What is our life meant for? What happens to us after death?

An intellectually stimulating and spiritually uplifting book that will expand the readers conceptions of life and its meaning.

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Demystifying Reincarnation explores questions of our identity and destiny scientifically, historically and philosophically. It expands our understanding of what it means to be human and reveals new horizons for our deepest aspirations.

Scientifically, pioneering researchers have documented fascinating cases of:
– Children who recollect past lives, giving details that they had no normal way of knowing.
– People who, despite being medically unconscious, were conscious of their vicinity and beyond.

Historically, the principle of reincarnation has enjoyed acceptance in most parts of the globe throughout the ages—a list of its advocates looks like an intellectual who’s who of world history.

Philosophically, reincarnation is the bedrock of a profound world view that reflects our intuitive sense of justice, our innate need for hope and our universal longing for immortality.

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