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This small manual was originally written to assist the pujaris in their service at the Krishna Balarama Mandir in Vrindavan, India. Whether you are a pujari at a temple or wish to improve your standard of worship in your home temple, this book is valuable resource. So this book that completely documents the current Deity Worship standards and procedures at the ISKCON Sri Krishna Balarama Mandir, Vrindavana, India.

This manual explores many topics concerning Deity worship, starting with the five aspects of worship, Adhigamna (approaching the temple), Upadena (gathering the articles for worship),Yoga (establishing and becoming fixed in one’s spiritual identity), Ijya (worship of the Lord), and Svadhyaya (cultivation of devotional service).

This manual also contains the Mangalacarana, the standard prayers for worship, in the Romanized Sanskrit and English translation. Directions are given for offering bhoga, the araticeremony, and pujas to Gaura-Nitai, Krishna-Balarama, Radha-Krishna, and Shalagrama Shila. The chapter “The Worship of Tulasi-devi” includes prayers and mantras used in worship and while picking Tulasi leaves.

This manual also explores other aspects of deity worship, such as what color dress to use on which days. Diagrams and instructions for the mudras (hand gestures) used during the ceremonies are given. This book contains many prayers and mantras in both the Romanized Sanskrit and the English translation. These prayers include the Sri Guru-pranama, Sri Sri Shad-gosvamy-ashtaka, Sri Shikshashtaka, Sri Brahma Samhita, and the verves for requesting forgiveness for one’s offenses.

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