Deity Worship and Vaisnava Vratas


In this book, a brief description of the procedures of Deity worship that are required in a devotee’s day to day life, as well as the prescribed vows, fasts, Ekadashis, Dvadashis, appearance days of the Supreme Lord’s incarnations, and so on are given as found in Sri hari-Bhakti-Vilasa. If one follows the rules and regulations described in this book, he will surely not have to traverse the path to hell after the destruction of this present material body. The glories of these vraas have been collected from the Puranas

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There is no vrata like chanting the holy name of the Lord and those who are bitten by the snake of Kali yuga are not inclined to chant the holy name. Numerous vows are mentioned in the scriptures that reveal the glories of the holy name and following of these vows gradually brings the fallen soul to the platform of taking shelter of the holy name. By worshiping the Deity and following of these vows, one’s heart becomes purified. There is brief description of these vows in this book, as well as description of some procedures of Deity worship. It is based on Hari Bhakti Vilasa and other Puranas. It is a small booklet.

Compiled by Bhumipati Dasa, Edited by Purnaprajna Dasa

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