Deity Offering Plate Medium – Stainless Steel


First-class medium size stainless steel deity offering plate (approx. 21-24cm). Includes the plate plus four medium bowls for offering Krishna different varieties of food plus a cup and a spoon.

An important part of being Krishna conscious is to only eat prasadam. If we want to prepare an offering for Srila Prabhupada or Krishna, then we need some offering plate to offer it on. It is recommended to offer something to Krishna or Srila Prabhupada on a special plate than we normally use to eat from. Krishna likes to have His own plate and bowls and spoons that are used exclusively for Him to eat.

This is a very nice stainless steel deity offering plate which can also be used to offer bhoga to the spiritual master.

Additional information

Weight0,55 kg
Dimensions21 × 8 cm


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