Defining Parakeya and Defeating Svakeya (Bhanu Swami)


The gopis of Vrndavana have given up the association of their husbands, sons and other family members, who are very difficult to give up, and they have forsaken the path of chastity to take shelter of the lotus feet of Mukunda, Krsna, which one should search for by Vedic knowledge. Oh, let me be fortunate enough to be one of the bushes, creepers or herbs in Vrndavana, because the gopis trample them and bless them with the dust of their lotus feet.
-SB 10.47.61

Anyone who faithfully and continually hears or describes the Lords’s playful affairs with the young gopis of Vrndavana will attain the highest type of prema to the Lord, quickly destroy lust, the disease of the heart, and immediately become steady.
-SB 10.33.39

By hearing this topic or by reciting it, even if one has lust in the heart, the person will attain bhakti in the form of prema (param bhaktim) for the Lord. If this is so for the devotee, what to speak of the position of the Lord? If the parakiya affairs are of this great nature, they cannot have a touch of fault. This is concluded by those who know the truth. After hearing, all devoted persons should have the same result. This is the rule.

Translated by Bhanu Swami.

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