Death Divine: The Gateway to Spiritual Perfection


As our society of devotees matures, we are inevitably faced with the responsibility of caring for our elderly and terminally ill. Those who face their final days on this earth graciously give to those left behind a treasure-house of knowledge and realizations by which to educate, inspire and heal.

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Read about the struggles and successes of five women who faced death spiritually and attained the highest spiritual perfection.

The moving stories of Mahimabhushana Dasi, Savitri Priya Dasi, Mulaprakriti Dasi, Hladini Dasi, and Kirtida Dasi are sure to inspire and touch your heart.

“Death Divine” describes real-life Krsna consciousness in-action at the most crucial time – death – a time when the external sufferings of the body are transcended by an internal joyous celebration in Krsna consciousness. Read how Krsna makes this arrangement for His devotee’s final journey; the changes of heart and the outpourings of love as the dying devotee’s heart increasingly overflows with love and surrender.

How to die fully absorbed in Krsna consciousness and attain the topmost spiritual destination? This question, the most essential of all questions, is of increasing concern for the devotees. As Bhakti Tirtha Swami suggested to the author, she wrote this book showing how glorious the women-devotees are leaving their bodies. The Vaisnavis featured in this book reflect the wide range of backgrounds and situations people come from to Krishna consciousness.

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