Datta Kaustubha (Bhanu Swami)


Caitanya, the true guru of the jivas, inspired my heart to write this work in order to destroy the impurities of Kali-yuga.
(Datta-Kaustubha – Verse 2)

This excellent, pure kaustubha gem,< now almost lost by the influence of intoxicated Kali (quarrel), was gathered through sense perception and inference, by Kedaranatha, who entered the ocean of scriptures, which is difficult to cross, and it has been given to intelligent people, the sara-grahis, for the pleasure of Radha’s lover.
(Datta-Kaustubha – Concluding Verse)

This kaustubha given to me, Kedarantha Datta, by the lord of the Kaustubha, should be held joyfully on the heads of the Vaisnavas and particularly the sara-grahis.
(Datta-Kaustubha – Concluding Verse)

Translated by Bhanu Swami.

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