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This book reminds us of the benefits to be derived from nature as opposed to artificial products.

Ayurveda is the most ancient form of medicine and has its origin in India. It is not just a system of medicine but also a comprehensive guide on habits that help in maintaining good health. The book underlines for us the advantages of the Ayurvedic way life. It throws light on many home remedies that are time tested, simple and cost effective made out of ingredients easily available in the local pansan shop or out kitchen garden and are of invaluable use in tackling almost all the common ailments that can be thought of from joint pain to cough and cold to indigestion to pimples!

Other topics include: Common Cold, Much to be told , Diseases of the skin, Joint Pain, The Lean and the obese, Home Remedies for children, Monthly Blues of women, Wounds and Injuries, Mother of All Diseases – Indigestion!, Headache, Hairfall and Dandruff, Diseases of the Teeth and mouth – Ulcers, Teenage blues with pimples! , The Burning Stomach, Jaundice – The Yellow Disease, Constipation and Piles.

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