Crying For Krishna


Harnessing emotions that can help us on our spiritual path.


This is a beautiful meditation book on chanting Hare Krishna.

Chanting Hare Krishna is so wonderful, the only real activity that we have. Everything else is complimentary to it, secondary to it, or meant to help us increase our attachment to it. Calling out, as Srila Prabhupada would say, as a child calls out to his mother.

But what does it mean, chanting Hare Krishna like a child? Caitanya Mahaprabhu says, ayi nanda tanuja kinkaram; that “I am fallen.” We are fallen in this material world, we are in this material condition, and so like a mother, when she sees her child has fallen on the ground, what does she do? She doesn’t leave him there, but she opens her arms, she bends down, she lifts him up, she takes the baby to her breast and embraces him. So when we are chanting Hare Krishna, we are crying out to Krishna, begging for Krishna, “I am also fallen here in this material world, it is not a place that I like, it is a horrible place. Although there may be very nice facilities, I am separate from You. Please lift me up.”

We want Krishna to extend His hand; we are looking to Him, reaching out with our hearts to Krishna, and asking Him to lift us up, to bring us close to Him, to embrace us, to lift us up from the material platform to the spiritual platform, to be with Him.

Crying for Krishna inspires feelings of yearning – eager longing for the Lord – which is the price for divine entry. Whether we chant the holy names in japa or kirtan, it is always as feast for the soul

Oh, Merciful Krishna, please:

Give Me So Much Love

For Chanting , that No Matter

What Happens, I Will Never

Give It Up!

Help Me Surrender

My rebellious Nature

At Your Lotus Feet

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