An introduction into hinduism and vaisnavism, can be used for schooling or general knowledge.

A broad overview of Hinduism and the creation story from the Vaishnava tradition.

This is the perfect book to teach your children about Hinduism and the Vaishnava tradition. Ideal for the classroom, or to be read to a young child. “Creation” tells of Krishna, Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva, and Shakti, and the creation of the demigods, the Prajapatis, and the living entities.

This book also gives an overview of many principles of Hinduism, such as reincarnation, the Vedic social system, the stages of life, and the four ages of the universe.

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Creation: A Story from Ancient India

Who will enjoy this book?

  • ideal for Religious education students
  • designed for Hindu children and members of Iskcon
  • suitable for all children learning about world cultures (9-14 years old)
  • insightful information for religious education teachers and specialists

What are the key features?

  • key points on beliefs & practices within Sanatana Dharma
  • unique overview of main deities (The Trimurti, Shakti, Krishna, Rama….)
  • Retold and illustrated by the members of the tradition
  • exemplifies an inclusive, reflective approach towards religion and spirituality
  • relevant to the environment and related values (eg. ahimsa)
  • includes index, glossary and references to further resources
  • authentic and thoroughly- researched text
  • over 50 original full-color illustrations

Whom is it by?

  • illustrated by Ananta Shakti Das – who is a practicing memeber of the Vaisnava tradition. He has illustrated many books including the “Vedic Stories from Ancient India”
  • Retold by Rasamandala Das  – who is an author of “The Heart of HInduism”. He has written extensively many  articles and documents on Hindu tradition. He is also a co-director of Iskcon Education Services.

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