Cow Dung


Cow Dung – A Down-To- Earth Solution To Global Warming And Climate Change

by Dr. Sahadeva dasa

Environmental crisis is for real and it’s coming around faster than you think. It’s not a brainchild of some conspiracy theorist but a tangible, perceivable fact, proven by the catastrophic events all over the world. But for most of us, caught up in the daily grind, it’s hardly a subject worth pondering over. Common man in the streets of London, New York or Delhi has very little time to worry about some ozone layer up there or some damn iceberg in the North Pole. At best, it is a snow bear’s problem. But the scientific fraternity and many political leaders don’t think so. They are waking up to the horrors of global warming and climatic change. Hectic efforts are on to contain the damage but with very little success. This book provides a simple solution to this grave crisis which has the potential to wipe out life altogether. This is a calamity of unprecedented proportions coming our way and a point of no return for the industrial civilization. One of the arguments sceptics throw back at you is that the climate has always changed, and that is absolutely right. It’s the rate of change that is the problem right now. It’s changing so quickly that it exceeds our adaptive capacity. We are in a hole and it’s time to stop digging.

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